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Last Tuesday, Cait headed down to my place of residence for a wee… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jun. 19th, 2007|07:40 pm]
The Ship with Silver Sails


Last Tuesday, Cait headed down to my place of residence for a wee adventure. We thought we might take in some local Fermor road (i.e. the no 1 highway that cuts through Winnipeg) beauty, known as the Seine River... we also thought it might be interesting if we included alcohol and marijuana!

Here we grabbed the most important always, on our adventures: energy drinks! Cait's Nos looks mighty rad.

"Wilf + Evelyn" .... Wilf?


It looked interesting at the time.

After making it down Fermor, we came upon another very similar scenic route... the pretty Niakwa road.

Cait smashes her Nos bottle into the bushes.

We then continue on our way, and instead of taking Niakwa, we head down a grassy path and come across a most tremendous beast!

It's ... a caterpillar.
But not just any caterpillar. (In fact I still don't know what kind it is, but!)

This caterpillar was INSANE. It was no cute and cuddly wooly bear, or a fat and squishy luna moth caterpillar, no... it was a spiky and wriggly and crazy caterpillar of doom!

So I named him Speedy. And Cait named him .. oh, now I forget. She'll let me know. We assumed he'd been taking methamphetamines or something.

Speedy jumped out of Cait's hands a lot. Here he is in the grass.

Cait attempted to take a decent photo of Speedy. I was too creeped out to hold it. o_o

And here we have a heavily edited and pixellated view of his prolegs. (the suction cup things, as I've learned just today from Cait!)

After that randomness, we made it to the olde boozeahol store and bought some booze. I needed some mix for my rye, so we headed to some drugstore for pop. On the way through Zellers, we noticed funny signs!

"It is 'unlawfull' to remove hopping carts from the parking lot"!

"It is unlawfull to remove hopping art from king ot"!

I don't know who King Ot is, but I want to know why he has art that hops.

I also wish that Zellers has sign makers who knew how to spell. It should be UNLAWFUL to spell things like UNLAWFUL wrong.

After our little shops escapade, we walked back down Fermor to our favourite bridge, so that we could get our stuff out and have a bit o' fun.

I was happy to see that our little political words pillar was still intact and not painted over! Cait's on the right says "Secrecy is the first essential in the affairs of the state", and mine has the :| face and says "To not resist is to acquiesce in one's own oppression. -- Mumia Abu-Jamal"

We then went trigger happy and took lots of photos of everything that seemed interesting to us at the time.

A scene I particularly enjoyed, this year as well as last year. The inchworms went nuts this year again though and the foliage isn't as impressive in this photo as it was in last year's version.

Cait, on a thingy, checking out the scenery.

The Seine River, looking rather high compared to last year. Cait in corner.

A view from under the bridge. (southernmost side that we came in at)

Another view from under the bridge, on the other end (same side of the river, on the northern end).

I thought this looked neat. I enjoyed looking at the structure.

When we found ourselves on this end of the bridge, we found something that I had only heard about from my Brendan, which was that some young guy had been found dead in the Seine River (a few weeks or maybe a month prior to our adventure)... it was a makeshift shrine dedicated to him.

Cait lights the candles that had been left there.

I had an interesting time looking at all the different kinds of tracks. A lot of bike tires, shoe prints, some deer tracks, and oddly, quite a few barefeet.

Cait, reading the pillar. I liked this shot because she looks ethereal... ethereal in this case meaning (from dictionary.com):


1. characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air; "figures light and aeriform come unlooked for and melt away"- Thomas Carlyle; "aerial fancies"; "an airy apparition"; "physical rather than ethereal forms" [syn: aeriform]

Ghostlike, in other words.

My fascination with trees and reflections continues...

More of the same.

Being her usual stick-loving self, Cait happens upon a large new weapon of sorts and proceeds to twirl it, swipe at the air, and do other things that would make Darth Maul blush. And then she stopped right when I wanted a picture.

Thumbs up! ...I like the background in this photo, it looks ever so Manitoban.

We then set back for the bridge and assessed our cache.

My stash. I mix myself up a drink.... which involved drinking some of the pepsi and adding the rye, and then drinking the drink while occasionally adding more rye. That's the way we do things here!

Cait and I take pictures of eachother.

I think around this point we decide to get high.

I draw a spitting dragon on my calf. Upon retrospect, it looks more like it's spitting out rockets! Sweet!



We become quite high and write down things we say.

*Cait points to ceiling of bridge*
Jess and Cait: "Oooooo... plusses!"

C: *ear to bottle* "It sounds like the ocean!"
J: *takes bottle and listens* "it sounds like... the arctic... at night... with static!"

C: "Peaknuckle bread."
Really big delay.
J: "What's a peaknuckle!?"

J: "You were laughing forever!"

C: *shows me her beer bottle*
J: "Eh?"
C: *looking at her beer bottle* "It's, uh... very phallic..."
J: *eyebrow twitchies*

Really insane fart noises courtesy of Cait and her elbow-pit.

J: "Hey! That one was really good!"

More elbow-pit fart noises.

J: "Wow! You're the BEST!"

C & J Proceed to laugh until they start crying, for about five minutes.

J: "Whoa... that's waay too funny."

Somehow we end up having a really weird conversation.

C: "Cause girls..........
with a............
it would LOOK funny!"

J: "I wonder what would happen if everyone in the White House got really high."

I also remember having a really long and interesting talk about what would happen if the bridge became alive and turned into a Bridge Monster. We discussed how it would move, and how the pillars would be legs and each end of the road part of the bridge would be a head and a tail. It was the coolest visual ever, imagining the Bridge Monster trekking across St. Vital and leaving a great destruction in its path and making cool Bridge Monster-y roars.

A bad pic of us. I daresay we look high and drunk.

My photography POWERZ suddenly go down the tubes.

Our legs looked reallllly fascinating, at the time.

Cait sits on some rotting wooden pillar leftovers from some ancient era, and swats at the river with a stick.

I like this.

Cait beign very Cait-y.

Cait goes pen-happy and I turn into a walking diagram.

my leg from a funny angle.

I found a tent caterpillar on me and Cait takes it under her wing and names it Candyman, because I told her that when she was little she used to sing that song all the time. Cait, you look way too interested in that caterpillar!

Wooooo... caterpillar-y.

Eventually we decide to leave, because we're starving. We decide to go to Superstore and find some food. But first, a distraction!

Yet ANOTHER caterpillar, this time a mourning cloak caterpillar on a railing.

Slightly different view.

We bought pizza and ate it behind the building. But we both came down from our highs and realised the pizza was absolutely disgusting. We threw the rest away for some poor hungry birds to also realise they don't like after taking a few bites.

And away we went, back to my place.

And we found some pretty wild rose bushes.

At the beginning of my street we found a metal spool. So we kicked the heck out of it down the whole street to my house and invented a game that we joked would become a part of the Olympics some day.

Blurry. I was playing around with colours and thought this yellowing made this picture look like it's from the 70s. :D

I like this, it looks like Cait can shoot grey laser zaps from her shoe! ZAP!

And then we made it to my house, and soon it was time for Caiti to go home, ebcause some thunderstorm clouds were looming in the distance, and her mom was worried about her getting caught in them.

Til next time, folks!

[User Picture]From: aerospiritual
2007-06-26 03:48 am (UTC)
I freaking. Loved this adventure. And your commentary, so brilliant. =P

And. I never noticed that crazy misspelling of 'unlawful'. Less crack Zellers, less crack!

And. Wilf. wthhh.
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