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So I really need to stop being so lazy about uploading my… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Aug. 16th, 2006|12:45 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


So I really need to stop being so lazy about uploading my photoadventures.

Anyway, this next issue hails from the weekend where I bought some Absinthe beer for Cait & myself. We also decided to be crazy hoodlums and so we drank rye in the mall.

The day started out innocently enough with me meeting Caiti on the street and both of us running away and spying on each other. Eventually we went back to my grandparents' and thought up a plan. THE RESULT WAS BRINGING MY RYE TO THE MALL<, WHEREIN WE WOULD BUY SOME ICED TEA TO MIX IT WITH AND CAUSE SOME HAVOC, ... stupid shi(f)t key! But first, a Tim's run. Then a bus run to the mall. Eventually, I took out my camera.

Cait attempts to mix her iced tea and rye in an odd manner. (just kidding) this drink is known as "waterhol" due to the fact that when mixed, tastes like nothing. (this term was originally coined by Wendy? during the famous El Cottagio Weekend of Greatness)

"GRAAAH!" ----------------- *Smurge*

FEET! And stipey socks! And drink.

Caiti takes a picture of her leggyleg.

Je ne sais quoi! Mannequins scare me but they're oddly fascinating in their humanlike composures.

Caiti's new best friend!

We kept seeing this trio of dudes, so we decided we should stalk them. Here some woman looks amused as she gets in the way. MOVE, WOMAN! j/k

There they go!

Bus shack, baby. All the cool kids do it.

snappity snap

This photo makes me LOL.

Dancing on St. Mary's/Bishop Grandin intersection.

After we made it back to my place, Caiti promptly inahled her bottle of absinthe. I gagged on mine but drank it anyway. Here Cait shows off her excellent drunk skillz (tm).

Cait turns her evil eye onto my alarm clock.

Then, after drinking our absinthe and pouring some new bottles of waterhol, we went skateboarding! I was in no shape, but here Cait does numerous fancy ollies.

Then we went and hung out on the lawn. Mixxy mix.

Self portrait.

Gwee hee hee!

Best table evar!

I totally remembered what Caiti said here, until I saw the picture again. It was something nutty anyway.

Woot! Someone always gets hurt. But this is obligatory to having a good evening.

Then we went in, and I got hungry and made some mushroom soup. Caiti asked for some and... drank it.

More TV and snoozing later and then it was off to bed for a dreamless sleep.


[User Picture]From: aerospiritual
2006-08-16 07:39 am (UTC)
I would. Kill for mushroom soup at this current time frame.
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