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JessJess said it'd be alright to conscript Patstuff into the crew of… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Aug. 4th, 2006|12:57 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


JessJess said it'd be alright to conscript Patstuff into the crew of TSS.

Anywho, standard adventure thing to Pat's house. I brought the camera because I was hoping for some good storm clouds.

Two shots of a dragonfly on me apple tree.

Waiting for the busbus.

Some graffiti on said busbus. Makes me miss my Meanstreaks dearly.

Me boot!

Then I got to Pat's house where we watched TV like usual. And we got a phone call to go hang out with Zach, Jesse, and Jesse. Manda came too, but we didn't really do much except watch the guys play Call of Duty.

Pat walking.

A headache causing image of Pat's backlane.

Some crazy tree.

Trying /not/ to drop the camera here.

Pat discovers something new on his hand.

Our long shadows.

Walking on where the train tracks used to run.

Somewhere in here, I could've sworn I saw pot plants. But until I re-find them, its just a picture of some bushes.

Some burnt out garage. Makes me wonder who or what happened to it.

Pat's feet and his backpack. I LIKE MY PICTURES OF RANDOM, OKAY?

Starting some FYAAARR!!!

Pat and some FYAAARR!!!

iMake some FYAAARR!!!

Picking up zee camera and subsequentially taking a picture of myself.

Good grass.

Pat looks old. Old like an old fart.

This poisonous ivious had a bight red leaf tip.

After leaving Jesse's house, Zach, Jesse, Manda, Pat, and I decided to go fly some kites over by Pan Am Pool.

Pat in the bank to get moneys to buy a kite or several.

I have no more images of the rest of the night. But Pat did come over the next day and we flew kites again.

Pat and Will.

Will... Is an alcoholic, drinking MY Heineken.


I... Don't ever remember taking this picture.

A siamese apple of all things.

And that's all folkses!