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Here is my version of The Grand Advanture with Caiti and Jess on a… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jul. 6th, 2006|02:55 pm]
The Ship with Silver Sails


Here is my version of The Grand Advanture with Caiti and Jess on a Tuesday Afternoon That Ended Up Taking Some Five Hours and Involved Trekking Seven Entire Miles, Which When Converted, Equals Roughly Eleven Point Two Five Kilometres.

Cait attacks!

It wasn't long before we found our first distraction, as usual. Behold an amazing black swallowtail! It had just hatched, seeing as its flying was erratic and its wings were still shrivelly. What a lucky sight! How exciting.

This looks like a black swallowtail caterpillar, but the butterfly book I have gave their rendition antennae or those pseudo-antennae things, which it certainly doesn't have here.


Hm, I feel like I'm getting deja-vu. Cait, swinging at a Monster can with The Master Sword, a.k.a Patrick.

STIKE THREE... Yer outta there! They look exactly the same.. but they're not?! Whoa.

The pretty side street. Much more peaceful than Fermor.

And... we have train tracks! This time we went in the opposite direction.

Found the start of a rail yard. I have the name of it on my new map but I'm feeling quite lazy. Cait checks it out.

Thinking we might get in trouble, we test out how good the grass is for hiding.

My hat pocket comes in SO handy. Why does this picture remind me of the movie version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Stake hunting.

That's one heck of a fat car.

Cait waiting outside Tim's with her bag of tricks.. er, sticks. STAKES.

It reminded me of udders.

The grainy side of Winnipeg's industrial area.

Caiti had a brief love affair with this hunk of a red light.

I try.

Dust devil! Although I can't be sure that we can actually call it one. We had recently passed one of those yards with giant piles of different types of sands and gravels. Anyway I wanted to play in them really bad, but we didn't. I turned around and saw that a wind gust had picked up sand from one of the piles and made a cute dust devil with it.

A brief rest stop.

SHOES! As usual.

Under the bridge.

Over the bridge! Cait cameos.

Flowers growing between the cracks on the ties. ON the bridge, mind you. It was neat, seeing flowers up there.

After a long period of time where I took little to no interesting pictures, we find yet another bridge!

I was very sad to see that sign. The wooden planks were virtually falling apart anyway, and I grudgingly admit I am not as foolhardy as our dads were (they used to climb Winnipeg's bridges all the time, apparently).

Always have to check out what's UNDER the bridge. Here Cait scares off three billy goats gruff.

Pretty river.

That next bridge in the distance is our next stop on the walk.


Hmm, that was random.

What did I say, eh? Here is the bridge that was in the distance a few photos ago.

Caiti peeks.

Initially, my first thought was, "Well, I've always wanted to do this... seems someone couldn't resist!" Probably stolen.

I found a small plant that looks miiighty familiar. His name is Ted.

Fluffies on a barbed wire fence. Strange creatures from beyond the universe, aren't they? Looks like something you might see on the original Star Trek.

Also, If anyone, especially Caiti, wants these photos in a larger size, just let me know, because I'll send them your way. I have no problem with that.

[User Picture]From: aerospiritual
2006-07-07 06:04 am (UTC)
homg. Your pictures are /so/ much better than mine. I love the panoramic shot of the criss-crossed tracks. So yummy. And Earnie on my shoulder.

Looks like my underwear likes to be exposed. Remind me to tighten my belt.

That picture of you with the grass in your hat pocket... Looks like you're gazing in awe at something. That hat pocket obviously rules.

And I don't know what I was doing in the picture below it.

That was a funfunfunfun day. Sorry to be impatient about the pictures. I was just excited to see your mad photography skills.
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[User Picture]From: wisdumb
2006-07-07 07:17 pm (UTC)
You know what? All I did was just take the time to resize by 50% (or crop) and then just play around with the picture only minutely, if neccessary (sharpening and contrast, that's about it). Makes all the difference, I think, now that I see them all together! A lot of them didn't even need retouching.

That's okay, it was good to be impatient becaue I actually got around to working on it.
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[User Picture]From: mother_nature
2006-07-07 01:52 pm (UTC)
that looked TRES fun indeed! didja check out the van tho? like what was in it? there could have been dead bodies! creepy.
and Ted! just growing all by his lonesome. I guess they are weeds afterall. wellwellwell, perhaps I will join you on an adventure once I move up there.

cheeri-o old bean.
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[User Picture]From: wisdumb
2006-07-07 08:31 pm (UTC)
The van was spotless inside. Like, amazingly clean and orderly. Which is why I think it may just have been stolen for a joyride.

Well... I don't know if Ted is who we think he is. Let dad have a look at the picture, maybe he can enlighten us.

Oh! You'll totally have to join us. The only stipulation is that it's bad form to not bring a camera (I'm kidding, but it is a lot of fun to have one with you).
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[User Picture]From: edenpilgrim
2006-07-07 07:46 pm (UTC)
Awesome photos! It reminds me that I have so many to upload at home... Makes me want to go on one of your magical Adventures.

But alas... 3d3n has no one to have a magical adventure with...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: wisdumb
2006-07-07 08:35 pm (UTC)

Even magical adventures by one's self (plus camera) are fun. I've gone on many.
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