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And so. In true to Cait form, another update in the span of maybe an… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jul. 5th, 2006|01:35 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


And so. In true to Cait form, another update in the span of maybe an hour. As usual, forgive how deadly this is for your modems, and the fact that I can't ever be assed to resize my images.

Today, well, considering that it is now 1:13 AM... Yesterday JessJess and I went on an adventure. One that would take us around the city and then to mah house. 99.9% of the time, we walked, until we caught a bus back to here.

So. It started at Jess' grandparents house, where after we searched for her hat of legends, we walked down the street. It wasn't long until we found... Distractions.

A butterfly! In some lady's front yard. A black swallowtail to be exact. Initially, I had thought that it was a mourning cloak, but one can forgive me for getting the two mixed up. It's wings were folded, obviously because it had just hatched.

The flowers it was on was simply /loaded/ with swallowtail caterpillars, which I mistook for monarch caterpillars because a. they look similar, and b. I'm so rusty with my insect knowledge. I named this one Ernie.

After an old lady shoo-ed us away, we walked out to Fermor where we went to Safeway and picked up our Monster Energy drinks. We also walked across the Seine River bridge, and as usual, I finished my drink first. So, I started trying to hit the empty can with an aluminum stake/bar/thing named Patrick or The Master Sword. Of course, I failed terribly seeing as how I'm better with wooden stakes than aluminium ones.

Jess on the other hand...

Didn't seem to have much of a problem with it.

Anywho, we walked along Fermor, until we found our beloved train tracks and we went in the opposite direction as last time.


Apparently I've grown a second nose.

More walking.


We then went on a momentary detour so Jess could throw out her Monster drink can.

An old couch, hiding behind the dumpsters that smelt so bad...

After that quick detour, we hopped over a small fence and went back to the tracks. In the process I smacked my knee against said fence, and we discovered slippery grass.

90% What could it meeeeaaannn?

Train poo!

After walking along the tracks for a wee bit, we came across a fork. So we chose the road less travelled because we could see some nearby train cars.

Jess, flaunting her new camoflauge tactic; grass in hat pocket!

'Ere we find tha woild Jess in 'er natural 'abitat!

The view of the train cars from my vantage point in the grss.

Graffiti! Graffiti makes the Link happy.

There's a butterfly somewhere around here.

wthhh... Grass.

Whilst walking on the train tracks, Jess spied a Tim Horton's. The result was inevitable.

Taken from outside the Tim's; Jess purchasing Iced Caps.

I dumped ice water on my head, and the icecubes kinda stayed there.

Jess is fondling her hat.

After leaving Tim's, we continued on our journey down the tracks.

I ran across the road, Jess decided to find a cross walk.


Hey look! W's are allowed over here!

We're... Walking.

Jess picks up 'Patrick', the master sword.

A fence, and some rusted scrap pile in the background.

Cross-tracks! And a various body part of Jess' makes an appearance.

A formidable barbed wire and boxcar fortress.

Take two of said fortress.

More graffiti!

Anymanys, after a bit, we switched off onto the next road we found, fearing that the tracks would only lead us into trouble. AKA a rail yard or something along those lines. The road had many interesting things, and a dead bunn-er lost soul. A really lost soul.

And 3d3n, if you're reading this, feel free to use any of the industrial images for any purpose you wish. I took a lot of them for joo.

I saw some old, red passenger cars. No longer being used of course. Probably just waiting for the inevitable demise.

As we turned onto some busy street, we were overwhelmed by this horrible stench of decay. I naturally assumed that it was from the mushroom farm we were moving towards, but it wasn't. Jess wanted to go in the opposite direction thinking that the smell would go away. But it only got worse in that direction. So we moved on towards the mushroom farm.

Dust devil!

Jess: "What street are we on?"
Me: *Dashes up to a bus stop sign.* "Plinguet!"
Jess: "Plinguet?"
Me: "We're in a different country!"

Old, unused train engines.

We found more train tracks off of 'Plinguet'[Ithink, that's pronounced "PLING-WAY"], but they didn't really lead anywhere, so we walked back to 'Plinguet' and found a side street to wander on. We later found out that this street went past the mushroom farm. Whoo! Mushrooms!

I found more graffiti, this time it resembled stone.

Grain elevator[s].

More grain elevators. Forgive me, but this is about /as/ industrial as Winnipeg gets.

We decided to made a nearby train bridge our destination for a wee rest.

Jess gives me a look that can kill.

The framework of the bridge. And part of Jess.

Taking a breather.

While Jess went to go explore the top of the bridge, I found a very photogenic monarch butterfly caterpillar. I named him Terrence.

And a grasshopper.

With the continuation of our walk, and some exploration of a second train bridge and some stories about train related deaths, I found some intermolesting rooftop graffiti on the old Habitat for Humanity building.

We also found Archibald and realize that we were in Transcona. Aka. The Boonies.

Rather crooked shot of the abandoned cellulose factory. Yes, that's right. Cellulose.

Some pallets I found whilst looking for a possible enterance to the building.

After finding no enterance to the building, we explored yet another train bridge. And here, is some more graffiti.

The remains of a fire and a glove beneath the bridge.

Jess, throwing rocks into the river.

My feet make a cameo appearance this time around.

After abandoning the bridge and Archibald, we walked on.

And found Nairn Ave.

Some writing on the side of the La Salle Hotel. Funny that. La Salle is a wee town outside the opposite side of town.

Fire escape!

After Nairn, we crossed the Louise Bridge. What is with us and bridges?

A boatyard/launch thing. With abandoned boatses.

An abandoned boat peaking out from beneath the bridge.

A mess of steel beams.

Various bridge shots.

After we got off the bridge, we wandered down whatever street that was, some guy whistled at us, another shouted, and we then ducked into the brush and found... MORE TRAIN TRACKS!

And a shopping cart with a tire in it. How random.

And a minivan that someone obviously drove on the tracks and crashed. I expected it to be trashed on the inside, but it was pristine! Except for the backseat being dislodged.

Someone also broke a whole bunch of lightbulbs.

Jess plays with the glass, throwing it and making pretty noises.

Some graffiti on an abandoned shriner's truck caught my eye.

Same with the graffiti on the side of an abandoned building. We made a slight detour to explore the area.

A mountain of debris.

Blurrr... Jess is sitting on an old chair cushion[ewww!] with a pile of old chair frames and cushions behind her.

More shots of the derelict building and surrounding area.

Another abandoned building along the tracks.

I took opportunity of the fact that we were walking around downtown to show Jess the graffiti gallery. Of course there aren't any photos of this seeing as one is not allowed to take pictures in the gallery unless you have permission.

A crazy flower thing we saw on the way to Main St. We then caught a bus, transferred, and went to my house where I made my special chicken.

The End.

PS. Expect some muchmuchmuch better pictures from Jess when she updates.

[There arenow. 393 images in the SilverSails section of my photobucket account.]

[User Picture]From: edenpilgrim
2006-07-07 07:40 pm (UTC)
You musht upload dur Graffittiness onto Winipeg Graffitti on dA!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: inside_my_skin
2006-07-27 04:10 am (UTC)
I enjoyred... er... enjoyed this post! I love picture posts very much! I went on a night time adventures and took some pictures but I was too lazy to post them!

(Reply) (Thread)