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So... here are my photos from Pat's birthday weekend. They aren't… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jun. 28th, 2006|08:00 pm]
The Ship with Silver Sails


So... here are my photos from Pat's birthday weekend. They aren't the greatest, but I'll share them anyway.


Cait and I went for a walk before the party got going, and found a playground. Naturally, we caused some havoc. Here we see Caiti contemplating much of life's hardest questions whilst sitting on the top of a wooden house thing.

Cait hits her head ... then laughs.

"Hey Jess, take a picture of me!"
"Why? ...Oh."
I can't see Heineken without thinking of you, Cait.

Everyone decides it would be a great idea to visit some schoolyard and set off fireworks and a smoke bomb. So off we go...

This was the only one that, when lightened, actually had something of interest in it. Here Pat aims a roman candle, with Caiti in mid-shoot. And people.

BLAMMO! Someone shoots a roman candle or something into the smoke of a smoke bomb, and this results.


POW@#$ More roman candles. That is either Cait or Pat. It looks awesome when you give this picture full contrast.

View of the smoke that travelled down the street.

I ... have no idea!

More crappy street shots! I need to invest in a tripod that fits in my pocket or something.

I forget names easily. Drink exchange while walking down the street.

A battery of fireworks being set off on a bridge. That was pretty neat, cars were honking and everything.

I love this shot. As... someone pointed out, it looks like a double helix. FSHWOOGGGHHH!

Another image that would be seen better, given some contrast/lighting. OH WELL!

"Whooeee! I'm drunk and trying to balance on a train track rail!" I like this picture.

"Look at me, I'm on a tractor!"

Cait, trying to smile as wide as Julia Roberts or that guy from that old rock band.


We started by taking the bus back to Pat's.

Cait destroys some public property. Here we see a modified bus bench ad.

Tried to grab a pic of the window building with clouds reflected off it, but it's hard to get a good bus photo.

And, at the party, this is one of three pictures, the other two are both of the fire. I wonder why I also neglected to take any pictures fo the evening, but then again, I fell asleep huddled in front of the fire.

Did you touch my Heineken..? Did YOU... touch MY... HEINEKEN?!?

And that be it. Tune in for my next installment: EL COTTAGIO!