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Cottage party! I hearby dedicate this entry to Shannon! Again,… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jun. 28th, 2006|12:55 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


Cottage party! I hearby dedicate this entry to Shannon!

Again, appologies for the image sizes.

Soanyway. Pat and I get invited out to a wee shindig at the cottage with no elders present. Soprettymuch, almost anything goes.

Pat and I arrive there safely with his cute bloo pickup truck, but ten mintues into our arrival a bunch of people go to the store. So Pat and I go for a wander. This is Pat as those who follow along or know me already know.

Pat looking pouty with a fern on his noggin.

Afterawhile, people return and we start packing for a trip to the beach were we'll travel to Elk Island and do some drinking and some partying. Wendy and I are attempting to inflate an air matress that we soon discovered was full of holes. Photo by Pat.

The interior of the Capri cottage and Jess issuing a challenge to the freezer.

Jess and Wendy versus the freezer.

Of course I didn't get pictures of the beach fun because I didn't want to damage my camera. But I did get pictures of the late night partying.

Wendy and Jess with their alcohol.

The following images are just generic fireworks images. I won't bother writing descriptions.


Back to the fireworks.

Andthen, in between fireworks, we have Jess giving us a drunken thumbs up!

And me, trying not to drink Jess' drink and laugh at the same time.

More explosions.

So after we had finished setting off fireworks, we all decided to go over to the Birchwood Bar and get even more drunk. Well, most of us. I had a headthrob that I was determined not to let get the best of me.

Of course everyone was taking their sweetass time, so I used my camera flash as a signal flare and got their attention.

Shannon, Jess, someone, Brendan[Tank] and Wendy in the back of Pat's truck. It was cold, but it was /so/ fun.

Tank, Wendy, and Ed[?] in the back of zee truck.

Truck riding!

Jessssss... That's all I can say.

Wendy's purse and her empty drink.

A busy picture of the bar. There was a fire fighter there who was positively hillarious.

Me, tying Tank's shoe laces together. Photo by Wendy.

Uhh... That guy. One of Shannon's friends.

Wendy and some guy who was apparently playing really bad, playing foose-ball. I think I felt kinda sorry for him.

Wendy, some guy, Tank, and Jess playing foose-ball, while our cousin Chelsea makes a hysterical face and her friend watches.


And that is all I have. I'm prettypretty sure that Jess has more and much better pictures. Especially us on Loggy!


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