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More picytures. This time from the weekend of Pat's 18th partay.… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Jun. 28th, 2006|12:16 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


More picytures. This time from the weekend of Pat's 18th partay.

Soitwas. Pat's 18th birthday party, beginning on Friday the 16th of June. Anywho, ignore that lame introductory sentence.

On the way to meet up with zee Jess, I saw... KITTIES!!

We got bored and wandered about downtown for a wee bit. I took a picture of the road below us. Because roads are /that/ cool.

Bus 420. Jess pointed this out to me. She did, she did! Honest!

Jess, on the bus heading for Osborne.

"Take the picture already!" Photo by Jess.

"Gnnnrrrr..." Photo by Jess.

I ARE TEH BLURRYNESS!!! Photo by Jess.

Hoorayyy Jess!

Ah'm squeeeshing your head!

We then went to the Liquor Mart and bought alcohol.

Heineken=<3. Photo by Jess.

Andthen, we arrived at Pat's house. Before Pat.

A fridge full of booze! What more could you ask for?

Jess looking at Tool's prettyful album artses.

Hiya Bubbles!

"Wazzzzap?" Photo by Jess.

Because everyone needs to see a picture of me licking a Heineken bottle! Photo by Jess.

Alan plays with FYAARR!!!

So, eventually, we all got out of our comfy lawn chairs[or for me, my comfycomfy cooler!] and went to go set off fireworks.

We also had a smoke grenade. Ignore the annoying non-entities that dare to plague this image. That's Jesse Adams, Dylan, and Russia in that picture.

Fireworks within the smoke grenade.

Someone firing off a roman candle.

Kerr... POW!

Jesse Lewis and Pat with the now finished smoke grenade.

After we fired the smoke grenade and realize that it engulfed the entire city block in orange smoke, we figured that it was time to go to a new location. Olman's Creek was decided.

Alan fires a roman candle at the ground.

Of course the journey would not be without its quirks. Pat had the brilliant idea to set off a battery of fireworks off St. James Bridge.

Shaun's back, Jesse Adams, Pat, Zach, and Jackson sitting on the train tracks at Olman's Creek.

Shaun and David were trying to jump from rail to rail. While drunk.

Oooh! Fireworks!

More drunken rail jumping.

Jesse Adams, Pat, and David try to remove the rail crossing sign.

Still going at it, David cut his hands trying this.

Jesse Adams, having succeeded in removing it, now brandishes his weapon.

So, we decide to migrate back to Pat's house. Jesse Adams and David attempt drunken ninja fighting. Ignore those annoying non-entities.

Jess found a backhoe! Bulldozer?

Zee street. And Jesse Lewis has a pylon.

So Jess stayed the night at my house because the party would go on the next day.


Jess, eating ramen.

More ramen consumption!

Look! A ghost!

After eating, we went on a meander to find Tim's.

Cedric, the toy car I found in a dumpster. I left him in the middle of the road, I wonder if he got hit by a bigger car.

Broken car.

Big fluffy, adorable dog!

And we found Tim's! My Iced Cap makes a cameo whilst Jess enjoys her own.

Jess and the Iced Caps. You can tell she's in heaven.

But of course, I never got any pictures of the party. I don't know why. Just weird I s'pose.


[User Picture]From: wisdumb
2006-06-28 06:22 am (UTC)
SO HUNGRY NOW. AHhhhhhhhhh. Ramen and iced caps! Lovesigh
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