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[Jun. 4th, 2007|01:06 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


20th birthday party adventure[s].

Saturday started out fairly normally, woke up, replied to messages on DevArt, mailed out the necklaces/picked up headphones/bought a weedwhacker, and then sat back here until Pat arrived. He got me this really /amazing/ book on graffiti around the world; some of the pieces in there are absolutely phenomenal. He's also getting me Link's Master Sword sometime soon.

My aunt and my cousin then showed up and gave me a Visa gift card too. =D

So Pat and I headed out, a little abruptly, but we had to meet up with Crawford to give him some money for stuff, etc.

Some really sweet graffiti on a garage door off of Corydon, taken on the way to meet Crawford.

Then we went over to Pan Am Pool, our local smoking/party grounds; seriously, they don't care what we do at the side of the building/on the stairs, as long as we clean up after ourselves. We ran into two people that both Pat and I knew, but their names escape me now.

Link on the wall in the little alcove-thingy at Pan Am. It's an /ancient/ drawing too.

Pat on the stairs.

The view from the stairs/part of the Pan Am Forest. Random story; we once used the excuse "I got lost in the Pan Am Forest" for being late for class. The Pan Am Forest is really just a bunch of small tree clusters. Still fun to hang out in.

Some graffiti. The fact that they forgot the 'R' made me lol.

Pat's boot.

The wall of Pan Am.

The alcove area. I still thing Pan Am Pool looks about as intimidating as some sort of fortress.

The stairs and part of the fire exit doors.

Then Pat and I decided that we had lingered long enough at Pan Am with those two guys[whose names I /still/ can't remember] and proceeded to drive back to Pat's house and wait for Zach and Jesse to call us.

Pan Am Pool

A lawn.

Aaand a pile of barricades. Looks like they'll be starting up some road work on Corydon soon.

After hanging out at Pat's for a bit, we met up with Zach and went for a meander towards Olman's Creek with Zach where we'd wait for awhile for Lewis. I found a piece of re-bar lying on the ground and was having fun throwing it into the ground whilst Pat had part of a ski pole. Unfortunately, no battles ensued. Probably for the better; it'd hurt to get hit by re-bar. Pat and I also did a reenactment of a Spartan charge down a hill, where I stabbed a tree with my 'spear'.

A graffiti pole at Olman's.

The trail we would've taken down to the fire pit, but there were people there having a wee party, so we decided that it'd be best to cross the river along the train bridge.

A spider wrapping up a fly on the train bridge. I got tired of walking along the tracks, and figured it'd be a lot easier to y'know, balance on the walkway running alongside the bridge.

The Assiniboine River towards St. James Bridge.

The Assiniboine River on the other side of the train bridge.

Zach and Pat are a'walkin' on the train bridge.

When we finally got to the other side, we found that it too was occupied. However, at least for us, there are plenty of fallen logs in reasonably secluded areas on that side of the river.

A shopping cart buried in mud and chained to a tree. wthhh.

The view of the Assiniboine from our spot.

Pat exhaling smoke. And Zach.


Those crazy river currents.

More of the woody area around Olman's.

My growing collection of contractor's and caution tape. And the baggage strap attached to me wallet.

When we got bored grew hungry, we decided to make a trek out to Taco Bell.


Pay playing with his bit of a ski pole.

The backwards 'N' on the church sign amused me. Pat and I also ditched our 'weapons' here.

Taco Bell ended up being closed, so we went to McDick's where Zach bought me a Big Mac[=D], and then after an encounter with several hobos in the McDonald's, we headed back to Olman's to resume waiting for Jesse.

We were waiting for a wee bit, getting eaten by mosquitoes when Zach just decided to shout "JESSE!!!" across the river to which Jesse answered from near the top of the train bridge behind us.

The view from beneath the bridge.

After lurking around, smoking, etc, Crawford and Manda called and we walked the distance to Corydon to go meet up with Crawford as well as wait for Manda. We took a brief stop at a Mac's where Pat and I bought some Monster energy drinks and chips.

Waiting for Manda before going for a walk down Corydon to find Crawford.

Me drink on the sidewalk.

Pat, talking, I think.

Turns out that Manda decided that she wanted to wait for the bus and just get off at the stop closest to us. Funny thing was, was that she was waiting at the bus stop closest to us. After meeting up with Manda, we resumed our adventure down Corydon to a 7-ll where Jesse bought a chicken wrap and Manda bought a Slurpee. We also ran into Charlotte and Dylan who invited us out to a party with Tom, Allan, and Lise, but Zach didn't want to see Lise[exes.] so we ended up not going.

Rad Slutz. I've no clue who did this, it just slightly amused me at the time.

Then we headed down Corydon, met up with Crawford and proceeded to walk back to the 7-11 and grab some firewood. Which we used the buy one, get one free tactic.

Pat carrying our 'free' bag of firewood.

Whilst Jesse waits for Manda to return with the purchased bag of firewood.

Then we went on a tiresome walk back to Olman's; those bags of wood were really heavy. But we did stop at a school along the way and hung out on the asphalt and smoked.

Manda and one bag of firewood.

Zach being Zachish.

We finally made it to Olman's and got a fire going. There were people who were having a fire in an actual fire pit a little ways away from us and in the park, but the police showed up and broke it up. Those people then ran down to us and told us about the police, who were about 300 yards away from us.

We kicked down the fire, Manda broke her pipe and we hid in the grass for a bit, watching them come down to the river with their flashlights. Then they started coming towards us, so we just booked it out of there and ditched the firewood. I also lost Pat's discman in the process, to which he was really lenient about; his reasoning? He never used it anyway.

After stopping to catch our breath outside of the park and all completely covered in burs, we walked on over to the abandoned train bridge right next to St. James bridge to go hang out and resume our party. Manda kept dropping things down, between the rail ties, but we recovered it all.

Jesse found me a mushroom.

Manda went and grabbed herself two mushrooms as well. Please excuse the terrible photo too.

After several minutes of trying to convince Manda that crossing the abandoned train bridge at night whilst on illicit substances was a bad idea, we heard this massive crash. Pat and I assumed that it was just a semi-truck going over the bridge.

But we were wrong.

What looks like a drunk driver hit one of the guard rails and flipped over.

Various accident photos.

We hung around on the picnic table, just watching the scene until the tow truck arrived and carted the wreck away. As far as we know, everyone was alright, despite how terrible the accident looks. The guard rail itself, is /really/ bent out of shape.

Once that was finished, we went back to Carpathia park and resumed the party there. Manda and I made a giant mountain of sand with a moat around it whilst Pat, Jesse, and Zach discussed Warhammer 40K. Apparently they want to play a game with Manda and I, fortunately I'm getting teamed up with Zach who is a genius at the game.

Pat wanted a picture of us, so he took one.


Andthen we all went to sleep.

It's Bob[Hobo]! Pat's dog doesn't shed; she molts.

After Pat and I scrambled about the city, namely just to my house to pick up my air show ticket, we headed out down the Trans-Canada highway.

Pat, driving.

Another one of those Monster energy drinks. And my month old can of ice tea.

My side of the car/my lap and sketchbook. Blue pencil lead courtesy of Zioa Kan/Noxious Mox.

Enthralling Manitoba.

Guy had his tail-gate open. And like. Wheelchairs in the back.

Instead of going directly to the air show, we decided to stop off in Portage La Prairie for some food and more energy drinks.

Portage La Prairie could almost pass for a mirror image of Selkirk. Only Selkirk has a giant catfish statue.

More Portage La Prairie.

The Provincial Gaol. It's the same thing as a jail, if you didn't know. Pronounced the same way too.

After hastily eating Subway and pounding back our energy drinks, we arrived at the air show.

Air acrobatics.



We <3 each other.



Canada's Sky Hawks; parachute team.

Uh. Hi.

Griffon helicopter.

My feet.

One of the newer models of Hercules.


That Herc again.

And the Griffon toting a car. Which it dropped in the middle of a field.

Part of the "Fire line, do not cross" tape I got from JessJess awhile back.

Wing walking.

Again with the acrobatics.

And then the F-15, which signaled the end of the show.

It was then time to head back to Winnipeg.

I drove.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Fuzz passed us.

There was a thunderstorm brewing.


After arriving in Winnipeg, we headed straight to Olman's Creek and recovered the firewood. Unfortunately, we did not find Pat's CD player. Then we went to Carpathia Park.

The play structure.

And we went back to Pat's house, ate dinner, rubbed aloe vera on our sunburns, and collapsed into a heap on his bed and fell asleep watching Discovery Channel.

The end.

Here's a video of the people at that car accident.


[User Picture]From: katwalkchan
2007-06-04 06:12 pm (UTC)
long journal looonnnnnggggg

looks like you had fun :)
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[User Picture]From: wisdumb
2007-06-04 09:37 pm (UTC)
I love that picture of the plane in the sun... 89.jpg I think it is... you should crop it and stuff and make a nice big photo of it, because it looks beautiful.

Glad you had such a great time on your birthday! Wish I could have come.

Is it just me, or did anyone else ipretend to hear all these different plane noises while looking at each plane picture?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: capt_topknot
2007-06-05 02:09 am (UTC)
Bah! Half the photos wont work from here. Ill try to get to this on a diffrent computor.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: aeyoqen
2007-06-05 07:27 pm (UTC)
You seriously have some amazing adventures. Damn.

Glad you had a good birthday!
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