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The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Sep. 23rd, 2006|11:34 pm]
The Ship with Silver Sails


The day started out like any other day: randomly create some plans to do something and bring along your camera. Lauren and Caiti headed out to my place by bus and we began our magical journey under the sun.

We decided to check out some stores. Clothing ctores.

Caiti found a jacket she really liked, and tried it on. I snapped this photo one second before one of the ladies who works at the store yelled at us that cameras are not allowed in the store. I apologized and said we didn't realize that and she reiterated in a rude, whiny way how her manager does not allow cameras. So we left. I reiterated my disgust for rude store clerks. People are so rude sometimes when they really don't have to be.

About right on cue, I had to pee. So we found the washrooms. Here this daft duo strike up some poses... I forget exactly why Caiti's shirt was wet. Hm. And Lauren, I forgot this picture existed, if you'd like it as well.

We went to numerous other stores but the three of us seem to really not be a great trio to go shopping with. Lauren and Caiti's tastes are exactly the opposite and I share some tastes with bot h of them, so there was no happy medium in any of the stores we went to. Except for maybe one or two clothing stores that carried interesting jackets with lots of buttons/straps for Cait.

We also found out that Caiti had a mild concussion and she was feeling really dizzy. Lauren was grumpy because she spent all her money in five seconds and I wouldn't lend her anymore. I was grumpy because it took so long to get my iced cap.

So we left and near the bus stop I saw a bunch of shiny lights(!) and forced the two to go look at them with me.

Shiny lights! I have no clue what was happening here.

The trees looked nice and inviting, so we sat amongst them for a while. I actually really like the two pics of Cait, they remind me of an oollllld photograph of my dad and her dad sitting under a tree at folk fest. Except her dad was holding a teeny baby bunny rabbit.

Miss Queen of the Universe does something. She didn't enjoy the trees much.


My camera decided it wanted to take a random picture and my knee jumped in.

Lauren patiently waits for her sister and cousin to stop dilly-dallying under the dumb oak trees. Ohmmm..........

Another blurry photo of Cait's back. I have how many of these now? So I suppose thsi is us getting up and leaving to catch a bus.

We arrived back at my place and two duo decided to stay for din-din. We hid upstairs in my makeshift attic room until then.

Lauren plays with my DS and Caiti plays with her camera.


and so on.

And that is the end of that tale!


Now for some random pictures that were in the same file.

Here is a cake I made at work. I was kind of proud of the lettering. And now I'm even better at it. I like to imitate lettering from the deco packs we do (like for a Star Wars cake, I wrote "Happy Birthday Sean" in Star Wars lettering using yellow icing and red colouring with the airbrush).

I go a little star-crazy with henna. =)

[User Picture]From: aerospiritual
2006-09-24 05:11 am (UTC)
Dang. That henna tattoo is insanely awesometrippyubercool.
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[User Picture]From: siekre
2008-07-19 04:46 pm (UTC)
My hair was REALLY. Long. I also remember stashing Acorns, TONS of acorns in my purse.

Me and caiti ARE our dads. we've already come to this conclusion.
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