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Weekend adventure. I came over for Friday, and ended up spending the… - Egg-Beaters Anonymous [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Ship with Silver Sails

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[Aug. 7th, 2006|02:11 am]
The Ship with Silver Sails


Weekend adventure. I came over for Friday, and ended up spending the weekend out of home.

I have pictures of the first day. But my camera's batteries died afterwards. GO CAMERA!!!! I need a new battery pack.

It started off with us meeting up on St. Mary's and playing a wee bit of hide and seek. We then went to Superstore so JessJess could pick up her money that she earned from... You know, working.

A very pleased JessJess.

She then decreed that she needed socks. So we went off to St. Vital Mall to go find said socks. But first. We stopped at Tim's and got us some Iced Caps.

And I took a picture of a crazy church.

So we bused and bused through the traffic and the construction. And hopped off at one of many busbus stops by the mall.

There was some guy passed out on the sidewalk.

View numero dos.

We then proceeded to walk aimlessly around the mall, stopping off at HMV[I /still/ don't know what that stands for.] and Electronics Boutique. But JessJess had to go use the loo. So we back tracked over towards the food court where she had to fight off the urge to consume fast food.

The sink was rabid.


Because only /I/ would take a picture of soap dispensers.

A hair. Floating in a putrid pool of water.

We hung around in Chapters for a wee bit looking at calendars. I took the opportunity to see if I could order or purchase Ciaran's book Ghost Hunters: Guide to the Paranormal. I can order it, and it arrives in six to eight weeks. I dunno if I can wait that long.

JessJess stated that we should take advantage of the rye stashed neatly in my backpack with my sketchbook and camera and USB cord. So we went over to London Drugs and looked at stuff and bought green tea iced tea to mix the rye in.

Looking at socks.


We bought our drinks and walked around the outside of the mall, arriving near the doors of The Bay. The area was fairly vacant, so we made our drinks. Rye and iced tea have this strange ability to cancel each other out flavorwise, thus creating waterhol.


Me: Bluaaghh!!
Jess: Waterhol is gooooddd!!!

Gremlins, you say?

Photo of Jess taking a foot photo.

Me shoe, and Jess' wonderfully striped socks.

After awhile, we got a wee bit bored and noticed some guy walking around our area.

So, I took a picture of his wedgie.

Andthen, we got the bright idea of going around the mall, taking pictures of people's butts.

A mannequin.

Various butt photos.

We also went into West 49, were confused by three teen-boppers who's slang and voices were so degraded from obvious exposure to the modern day teen trash, that we could not understand a word they said. Jess ended up buying pirate band-aids.

There were these three guys who we were constantly walking past, so we decided to stalk them.

And there they are.

We followed them into Chapters, watched them go into the parking lot and then we found ourselves some Leonardo DaVinci books. JessJess had to use the loo again, so back to the bathroom we went.

Then we went to Tim's and bought sandwiches and soup. I couldn't help but notice that there was a Liquor Mart across the parking lot from us.

It looked closed.

Jess wails in despair.

But then I noticed that the real enterance was somemeters away from us. So we walked over and explored it. We got some wine samples. Which buzzed me more than the waterhol did.

And Absinthe.

So we bought some Absinthe because Jess' grandparents were going away for the weekend. We figured that it'd go great with Most Haunted. Upon leaving the Liquor Mart with our newly aqquired Absinthe, we waited at a busbus stop, only to realize we were on the wrong one. So we trudged across a field to the right one.

And waited.

And waited.

Did I mention that we waited?

Me feet, inside the bus shack. Which was really hot and stinky. To which Jess made an interesting sound.

I... Have no clue what's going on here.

A really awesome car full of supercool Asians who revved the engine and waved at me.

Eventually, we /did/ make it back to base camp. Just in time for Most Haunted. Once JessJess' grandparents left, we opened the Absinthe and drank it.

Once I was done with my Absinthe, I found that I could completely handle the taste of rye, so I drank what was left of my waterhol.

My bottle after the busbus ordeal.

We giggled and said silly things. After Most Haunted, I went on the computer for a wee bit, Jess played Mario Kart, andthen we went skateboarding. Most of what happened is covered in the last entry.

The living room at base camp.

Watching the tele we is.

I still have no clue what we were watching.

A water spot on the ceiling that I stated reminded me of the star of Bethlehem in the Christmas story. The long end pointed to where Jesus was. Which ended up being a plant. So I founded the Church of the Plant.


Then we went to bed. Where I woke up to a thunderstorm. It rained for a longlongtime. And I had an appointment with the Pat. So, I waited until it stopped a wee bit, walked out and waited for my bus. WHICH TOOK ITS FREAKING TIME! And it rained again while I was waiting. And there was this creepy guy who wouldn't stop staring at me.

Clouds from zee bus stop.

The storm over the baseball field.

A building downtown.

I did arrive at Pat's without fault and the rain stopped for awhile. Pat was passed out. I watched a show about mixing lye with methanol to create diesel and how to improve the performance of your truck before sleeping myself. Then we went out for dinner for his faija[my word for father.]'s birthday. Dinner was good. Calamari and some chicken and pasta.

I got stung by a wasp out in the parking lot. Dammed thing.

Went back to base camp with Pat, where we went for a stumble through the woods and snuck onto a golf course. We were wandering around and stuff, Pat got spooked so we ran. Found out that we were fenced in and had no clue where the real exit was. I noticed some weird lights over by the green where we were minutes ago. So we booked it to the nearest fence and climed over, landing in poison ivy. I'm safe to say, that I am poisonous ivyous free.

Then Pat went home and JessJess and I went to bed.